Shipment Information

We ship everything discreetly...

As stated elsewhere on this site, we try our best to ship all items in 1-3 business days. However, occasionally an item will have to be made, custom designed, engraved, etc. and as a result, it may take a bit longer. We are a small business and we travel to weekend events and shows across the country. Sometimes, we may be out of town at a show when you place your order. In these circumstances, your order will be processed as soon as we return to the office, unless... If we have the product with us and are able to mail it from wherever we are, we happily will. We do not like to keep our customers waiting any more than absolutely necessary. 

If you have a question as to our estimated shipping timeline (in the case of a last minute birthday or anniversary gift that you must have right away), write to us at We'll be glad to help you however we can, but please be aware that we live in an area of the U.S. where Overnight Express shipping does NOT exist.  Sorry about that...  but the USPS just doesn't have that availability.  You can still choose Express Mail at checkout, but know that it will actually be 2 day shipping.  That's out of our control.  :(

If it takes more than 2 weeks to ship a 'standard (not customized) product' due to lapse in stock, we will ship your order free and include a small token gift with your package as our thank you for your understanding. We pride ourselves on prompt service, however, since moving to the remote Southwestern US, UPS is taking 1-3 days longer to get our incoming supplies delivered to us.  Sadly, that may increase the wait time for us to be able to ship your order by those delayed days.  We have no control over how slow UPS is out here, but that's only an issue if an item you ordered requires a part that is out of stock and has to be ordered.  We try to be on top of things, but...  well...  we ain't perfect.  Shhh...  Don't tell KJ that i (His girl) said that.

Once your item is ready for shipment, we ship via USPS Priority Mail. Express Mail is an option at a higher rate (obviously). Your shipping rates will be calculated at checkout based on the weight of the items in your cart. Please note that this is an estimate based on the United States Postal Service’s rate calculation software module.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Although the shopping cart will estimate your shipping costs based on Priority international shipping rates, all packages will be downgraded to First Class International Shipping and your final credit card statement will reflect the reduction in actual shipping costs charged. This is in an effort to save you money and when we do this, your total amount charged to your card will be adjusted. However, if you wish to keep the Priority Mail status, please state that in the comments field at checkout and we will make sure to send it Priority.

It is rare that the shipping cost is more than the estimate, but it ‘could’ happen. Therefore, we may have to apply additional fees to your total. If this happens, we will write to you first to inform you of the difference prior to shipping your order.

UPS shipping is available, but… if you require this shipping method, there will be additional fees for the price difference plus round trip travel to drop off the package(s).

One final note on shipping related to our low-temp sensual candles:

There is a chance of some melting taking place, especially in the hot summer months because well… they are 'Low-Temp'. Also, although we package our candles well, there may be small dings/pings in the candles (again, they are low temp and are made of soft wax).

That being said, history shows that they still arrive in usable condition, even if there may be some small potential for disfigurements. We shipped 12 large candles to Arizona in July (while I waited to hear from them and chewed my nails nervously). They made it safely, with little or no noticeable blemishes or melting, and the happy customer has been a repeat customer many times since.

If you have additional shipping questions, please do not hesitate to ask.