KJ Canes (the business) was founded in 2002 (canes themselves in 2001) quite by accident. As Lifestylers, we had a pretty extensive toybag, but noticed that most of the canes we had were bound with electrical or gym tape, which would eventually peel off. The sticky residue from the peeled tape would then get on KJ’s hands and gloves.

After a couple of years of KJ cussing every time that happened and commenting about the look and feel of the canes with tape on them, I (his girl) finally said, “If you dislike it so much, why not make your own?”…

…And so began KJ Canes.

KJ made and sold canes and bundle cane whisks on eBay for a while until the trouble with Paypal and adult items made it not worth the hassle. So…we built a website and put our stuff on its own page.

As time went on, a friend stopped selling low-temp candles, making it difficult to find them in the New York area where we lived at the time. So… with a little help from friends, we learned to make them for ourselves. At which point, other friends asked us if they could ‘buy’ some of ours.

Another friend who was in the fetish jewelry business decided that due to health and other circumstances, she could no longer put forth the effort and energy required to continue her business. We bought out her supplies and have successfully continued selling fetish jewelry since.

When we moved out of the New York area, I asked another friend who had previously sold G-Spot stimulators if she would mind me selling them. She hooked me up with her supplier, and so we continued to grow…

I bought a few of my favorite vibrators to add to the mix because I think all other vibrating eggs suck in comparison to the only egg we sell. That made the supplier start sending me catalogs and I saw interesting things that I slowly added in the mix over time.

…And so began the (& other fun stuff) part.

Seeing that there was a market and a desire for our products, we began vending at trade shows along the east coast and some mid-west areas as well. This has been a good decision on our part because we have no desire to be an internet only business.

We are indeed Lifestylers ourselves and love getting out and meeting people, attending the events, presenting and speaking at events, playing and, and, and…. J So… if you are at an event and we are there, please stop by and say hello. We’d love to meet you.

So you see... The business sort of just “fell into our laps,” a little at a time so to speak. And now, we’ve fallen into yours as you clicked some link or did a search to find us, which brings us to the reason you are here:

Do you have a fetish, something that represents who you are?  

A wolf, a bear, a butterfly, a flower, or a sports team –

something that is personal to you?

Want that incorporated into your corporal cane?   -

Yeah, we can do that.

No matter what it is, we will do our best to make your cane speak to you and it will make your friends stop and ask, “Where did you get that?”

But more than likely, they will already know…

KJ CANES – BDSM Canes designed as art

– or –

Art designed as S/M Canes? You decide.

Is this entire thing just too dramatic for words?

Danged straight! But then, this is an advertisement…

… and we speak the truth.