Privacy Policy
We take privacy very seriously. We will never share information about our customers outside the scope of the sale, and all shipments are packaged securely and discreetly.

Payment Information
We accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover.


If your card is declined and/or the order fails, this is most likely the issue.

We have our security settings set to extremely high, meaning we want to make sure you are really you and you really are placing an order on 'your' card, so...  

If your card is declined and the order is failing, it's likely because you are not entering your information EXACTLY as it appears on your credit or debit card statement.  ALL of the following MUST match:


Yes, I was told that capitalization might also matter, so...  please be accurate when entering your billing info.  Your bank will say they are approving it, but...  our bank rejects it if all the above doesn't match.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but...  better safe than sorry for everyone involved.  Thanks for understanding...

We do not accept checks or money orders except for orders exceeding $500.00 and arrangements must be made in advance. If you would like to place a large (over $500) order paying via check or money order, please contact us to make the arrangements at: Please note that this payment option requires that payment first be received (and cleared) prior to shipment of merchandise.

If you prefer not to use the shopping cart, we ask that all orders be made through email. This is to ensure that your order is correct and so that we will have a record in order to meet your needs correctly the first time.

If absolutely necessary, we can take your order manually over the phone; but rather than us take your credit card information, we'll send you a "Square Register" invoice and you can pay thru that.  This way, you see your invoice, you enter your card information securely yourself, and we never have access to your card information.

Orders may be shipped within 1-3 business days.

However, please note that your order may take additional time to process if there is something special you are ordering (personalized or customized items). This includes items such as candles, as they are custom made to order, as well as build-your-own canes, and other specialty canes. Although rare, there are times when there may be a lapse in stock, but we order replacements as soon as inventory is depleted. It is our policy that if it takes more than 2 weeks to ship a 'standard (not customized) product' due to lapse in stock, we will ship your order free and include a small token gift with your package as our thank you for your understanding. We pride ourselves on prompt service.

Further, we occasionally have questions regarding your wishes on a particular request and/or the order may have not been placed correctly. In these instances, we will have to contact you via email or the phone number you provide at checkout in order to proceed. We try at least 3 times to contact you (twice by email and once by phone) and allow one week from our initial attempt at contacting you for you to reply. If after one week, we have not heard back from you, your order will be canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we feel this is a reasonable policy.

For more information on shipping, please click the “Shipping” button link found on the top of the page(s) of this website.

We guarantee all workmanship and often work to our detriment. With that being said, if there is damage from misuse or abuse, if there is an issue resulting from improper treatment and/or lapses in care, we ask you to understand.

We are very generous in our customer service – but, there have been times we simply wanted to choke the “living poop” out of folks who were unreasonable and/or did unspeakable things to their property.

That being said – please do not hesitate to talk with us about issues involving your KJ Cane product. Sincerely – we want it to be right and last you a lifetime of fun. Should there be an issue, please write immediately to

Our success depends on your happiness!

Returns Information
There may be circumstances when a return is required. Please note that returns will only be accepted within 30 days of the sale date. If you have an item that requires a return, please contact us at for a Return Authorization number. Without an RA, we will just assume you are mailing us a gift!!

Due to the nature of some of the products being sold, we cannot accept returns on items that may come into contact with bodily fluids; ie, Gags, Vibes, and other products designed for insertion (or touching “those” places). Also, custom items are not accepted for returns. However, if an item is found to be defective, we will gladly exchange it for a working model.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you and happy shopping!!!