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Candle B - Pillar Low Temp Sensual BDSM Candle

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Low-Temp Approximately 6" Soy and/or Paraffin Candles

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Please be sure to select Soy or Paraffin Wax.

All of our candles burn at extra low-temperatures.  Soy burns cleaner and is better for the environment, so many prefer it (unless they have a soy allergy).  If you plan to enjoy these candles with someone who has a soy allergy, or if you are just unsure, please let me know in the comments field at checkout and I will be sure to send only paraffin candles.


Soy wax candles tend to throw a frosted look and it is virtually impossible for me to get the super low temperature soy to throw a vibrant, bright color without frosting. When they are melted, they are fine; it's at the solid, pillar/votive state that they may have the frosty-look.

Paraffin wax is much easier to get a rich pre-melted color with (as seen in the image). Most photographers and public players prefer this, as it makes for a 'prettier' visual.

Colors Available:Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Black, & Pink.
Optional Scents: Vanilla, Lavender, Cinnamon & Leather.

Disclaimer: Because our candles melt at such a low temperature, we do not recommend leaving them in the car on a sunny day (I learned that the hard way). In fact, during the summer, we cannot guarantee that they won't arrive misshapen, dinged, pinged or even in a melted blob - (although the blob scenario has not happened, we can't guarantee it won't). 
Also, in the winter, the potential for frigid air can crack the candles (especially soy because it is more brittle anyway). We have been doing this for years and have many happy candle customers; we just wanted you to know the potential before you place the order. :)

Please note:
All of our candles are made to your order specifications as you place the order. Therefore, please allow at least 3 business days for your candle(s) to be made, packaged and processed prior to being shipped. Thank you for understanding.


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Candle B - Pillar Low Temp Sensual BDSM Candle

Candle B - Pillar Low Temp Sensual BDSM Candle

Low-Temp Approximately 6" Soy and/or Paraffin Candles

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